Where Will Honors Take You?

The Liberal Arts Honors Program at Providence College has been foundational in the careers of many of its graduates.  Read about some of the program’s success stories below.

Debra L. Brendel, M.D. 1986Debra L. Brendel, M.D.  1986

Physician specializing in gynecology; Assistant clinical professor at Brown University

Roy Peter Clark, Ph.D. 1970Roy Peter Clark, Ph.D. 1970

Vice President and Senior Scholar at the Poynter Institute

James M. Ludes, Ph.D. 1993James M. Ludes, Ph.D.  1993

Executive Director of the American Security Project

Patrick J. O’Malley, Esq.  1993

Attorney-at-Law (U.S.), Solicitor (England & Wales), Law Professor

John J. Partridge, Esq.  1961

Senior Partner, Partridge Snow & Hahn LLP

Austin D. Sarat, Ph.D., J.D.  1969

William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Jurisprudence and Political Science / Five College Fortieth Anniversary Professor / Senior Advisor to the Dean of the Faculty, Amherst College

Robert K. Walsh, Esq.  1964

Dean Emeritus and Professor of Law, Wake Forest University School of Law