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Honors Alumni

Decades of PC Honors students have graduated well prepared to take on his or her next challenge, whatever it may be. Each year, about half of graduating Honors students have sought immediate professional employment. The other half continue their studies at some of the very best graduate, law, and medical schools worldwide including: 

  • Harvard
  • Yale
  • Princeton
  • Columbia
  • Brown
  • Penn
  • Johns Hopkins
  • University of Michigan
  • Georgetown
  • Notre Dame
  • Oxford
  • Cambridge

LAHP Alumi Community

For more than 50 years, the Honors Program has fostered lifelong professional connections and friendships among students and alumni. An active and important part of the Honors legacy at the College, alumni can often be found at campus events and are the foundation of a national Honors mentoring program. Honors alumni also serve on the program’s Leadership Council, a dedicated committee that advises and raises funds for the program.

Notable Liberal Arts Honors Program Alumni