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It Won’t Be Easy, But It Will Be Unforgettable

Like all PC students, Liberal Arts Honors participants study the Development of Western Civilization, informally known as “Civ” or “DWC.” Honors students can expect added rigor, higher expectations, stricter standards — in short, it won’t be easy. But the payback is transformational. These challenging classes will change the way you see the world and your place in it.

Academic Highlights

  • Four-course, 20-credit DWC sequence (earning 4 more credits than traditional Civ)
  • Small classes — usually with only about a dozen students
  • Seminar-style classrooms in the new Ruane Center for the Humanities
  • One or more capstone colloquia during junior and senior year
  • Optional Spring Break abroad

Honors Colloquia

Topics vary by semester — new courses are regularly introduced — and encourage students to give a voice to new perspectives and uncommon ideas. Recent offerings include:

  • Beauty and Violence
  • The Budda and The Christ
  • Dante
  • Church and Society
  • Coming of Age in Fiction and Film
  • European Union
  • Gender, Race, and Class in America
  • HIV: Closer to a Cure
  • The Human Brain
  • Islamic Art and Architecture
  • Kuhn’s Philosophy of Science
  • Personalized Medicine: Future or Fantasy?
  • Thomas Aquinas on Faith
  • Tolkien